DiscoverySoft works with business clients with anywhere from 10 to 150 employees. We support on-site infrastructure, cloud-based services, and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. No matter what your IT need or company size, DiscoverySoft can help.
Designed For Growth
Small and growing business do not have the resources to dedicate to developing an IT infrastructure and are not large enough to manage their own IT needs in-house. They need an expert to maintain and grow their system. They need someone to ensure they can stay focused on their business.
As the business grows, there’s often a need for internal or on-site support resources. Whether hiring a full-time staff or contracting with DiscoverySoft for on-site resources, our staff augmentation services will fit your needs. DiscoverySoft provides not only staffing, but also systems and infrastructure to support our staff or yours such as a ticketing systems, hosting infrastructure, and a network of other technicians bringing years of experience to the table. Additionally, DiscoverySoft can augment existing staffing levels for larger projects.

In general, our services apply to clients as follows:

  • Micro Businesses (10-30 employees)
  • Full-service managed IT support
  • Hosting services
  • Graphic design and branding services
  • Business Cards and Brochures
  • Web Design/Development
  • Small Businesses (30-100 employees)
  • Service ticket dispatching for on-site employees and/or on-site DiscoverySoft staff
  • Full-service managed IT support
  • Hosting services

On-site staff augmentation for:

  • Ticket management
  • Daily operations
  • Infrastructure management
  • Hosting services
  • Medium-sized Business (100+ Employees):
  • Service ticket dispatching for on-site employees
  • Remote assistance for on-site staff
  • Project-based staff augmentation

Building Strong Relationships

We understand that your business is built on relationships. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with your company, so you can strengthen your relationship with your clients.

World-Class Customer Support

Support Plans provide clients with customized solutions for servicing and repairing technology when uptime is a priority.

Expert Monitoring Service

DiscoverySoft's Remote Monitoring offers real time monitoring of your servers and keeps you informed about the availability of your Internet resources and their performance.

Graphic Design & Corporate Branding

DiscoverySoft's creative team provides custom graphic design work for online ads, web designs, WordPress, PowerPoint, logos, emails, brochures, posters, business cards and more!