Managed Services

DiscoverySoft has your network covered. We are a full-service IT shop managing all aspects of your computer network including:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Networks
  • Mobile devices (Tablets & Phones)
  • Printers / Scanners
  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Password Management
  • Line of Business Applications (Accounting, ERP, operations tracking, etc.)
  • Patch Management (Software Updates)

DiscoverySoft Managed Services are what many people think of when they think of traditional IT services and more. In addition to providing basic support for your infrastructure, DiscoverySoft is able to monitor key metrics on servers, desktops, network devices, and printers.
Additionally, our services provide you with remote desktop and remote meeting capabilities directly from our website.

Server / Desktop Monitoring

DiscoverySoft uses specialized software to monitor key metrics on servers and desktops on your network and tries to identify problems before they occur. For example, using these tools, DiscoverySoft can detect:

    • Internet Service outages
    • Disk drives that are running out of space
    • Drives reporting predictive failures
    • Low memory conditions
    • Server failures or restarts
    • Etc.

Using these tools, DiscoverySoft can also remediate problems remotely by accessing your server or desktop either interactively (using a remote desktop control technology) or non-interactively (allowing you to continue working while we try to address the problem.)

Vendor Management

In addition to work that it manages directly on your network, DiscoverySoft offers a service referred to as Vendor Management. This means that DiscoverySoft manages ANY issue related to technology under your roof. Do you already have a contract on your office printer/copier, but you’ve run into a problem scanning files to your server? There’s nothing more frustrating than having one vendor point fingers at another vendor as you stand in the middle not knowing enough about either system to know who you can believe.
With Vendor Management, DiscoverySoft works directly with your vendors (email vendors, print service vendors, Internet Service Providers, phone companies, etc.) to solve your problem no matter what it is. The bottom line is that DiscoverySoft owns the problem. You’ll never hear us say, “Something is wrong with your other vendor’s service. You’ll have to talk to them.” If technology under your roof is failing, we’ll take responsibility for fixing it.
If you don’t have vendors in place to service your printers or need better service than you’ve been getting, DiscoverySoft is also happy to provide references to preferred vendors it has worked with and will even contract with them directly to provide the service through DiscoverySoft if you prefer.


We live in a dangerous world… Hackers and Internet scams cost the American economy $400 billion and 500,000 jobs per year.
Hacking is no longer a hobby. It is organized crime at the highest levels with foreign organized crime syndicates raking in billions of dollars from their enterprise. Cybercriminals compete with drug cartels for the title of biggest and baddest.
Foreign governments also try to compromise your systems. What would they want with you? Well, often the goal is to compromise relatively low value targets so that they can be used as springboards to attack high-value targets. For example, the Chinese government might wish to hack into your computer so that they can use it as a platform to attack the Pentagon. Many believe that North Korea may have been behind the 2013 cyber-attack on Sony using compromised “zombie” machines based outside of North Korea.
For an interesting visual map showing cyberattacks in real time, visit That’s a real map and those are real cyberattacks. And, those are only the attacks we know are happening. This happens all day long, every day. Even law enforcement is not immune to paying hackers to get their data back: Get money back from hackers
Off-site, non-technical vendors can even be the source of problems. Do you remember the massive attack on Target’s credit card system in 2013? Over 40 million credit card numbers were stolen. Well, it turns out that an HVAC vendor used a password to access Target’s network in the course of performing his job. The HVAC vendor stored that password on his small office network and his office was hacked. The hacker figured out they had a password that could get them into Target’s network and the rest is history.
So what can you do to protect yourself? Security is more than antivirus. You have to take a layered approach and assess your risks. Every security plan is different. Look at roaming devices and perimeter security. What about wireless networks? If an employee is terminated can they sit in your parking lot that evening and download or delete all of your files? Secure internal networks and networks. Limit access on file shares to those who need it. Limit access to devices where reasonable. Don’t swipe credit cards on a general-use desktop and don’t let people work from the server console to answer email. Control passwords and enforce a strong security policy. Avoid the use of the 25 most common aka worst password worst password“.
Last, but not least, educate your employees. Many security experts consider employees the weakest link in the security chain. Social engineering refers to an attack where a system user is “tricked” into helping an attacker penetrate a network. That could take the form of a phone call from the company’s “Internet Service Provider” (actually a hacker), an email with an attachment that reads “Here’s your report.” (Actually a virus that takes control of your computer and deletes data files), or an web site that looks like the customers bank (but is actually just a hacker’s form waiting for you to enter a user name/password.)
To understand your risk, ask DiscoverySoft to perform a comprehensive threat assessment and sit down with an expert from DiscoverySoft to determine what you can do to shore up your defenses.
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Monitored Antivirus

DiscoverySoft uses a monitored antivirus solution that reports virus status through a central console. In the event an infection is detected a DiscoverySoft technician is immediately notified of the event and dispatched to remediate any problems. This is only one layer of protection. In addition to this, DiscoverySoft requires that all clients maintain a second antivirus scan through their firewall. Additional services can be deployed depending on the outcome of a risk assessment discussion between DiscoverySoft and the client.
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Password Management Solution

Does password management have you down? DiscoverySoft has a solution. DiscoverySoft has partnered with a Password Management service to allow you to manage hundreds of passwords while only remembering one.
It works like this: Go to any web site on the Internet and select a link from your password manager window. Credentials are automatically filled in on the page and you don’t even have to know what they are. To access this password vault, all you have to do is remember a single password.
Additional tools provided allow you to assign employees access to various web sites, track employee access, and disable all access at one time in the event the employee is terminated. Additionally, because of the way the password manager works, need not even be made aware of the password that is being used.
Additionally, this Password Management Solution provides an additional layer of security. One type of malware is called a keylogger. If your system has been compromised, the keylogger keeps track of every key you press on your keyboard. By putting that together with open windows and web pages, a hacker can figure out the password to your bank. Password Management software eliminates the need to type in passwords at every website. As a result, fewer passwords are exposed to keylogger attacks.
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Monitored Backups

In addition to local backups maintained in your office, DiscoverySoft uses a highly-secure backup technology to back up your data to a local Tier II data center. The data center provides 24-7 security, locked access to servers and permit-only access to the building. The data center features redundant power and Internet access as well as backup diesel generators for failover in the event of a power outage.
That advantage of local backup storage is that data can be recovered more quickly than cloud-based data storage service. Most companies offering data backup services store your data in the cloud. First, due to the nature of cloud-based services, there is no way to know exactly where your data is being stored. Depending on the service, it could be on one of many servers in any state or country.
Additionally, due to the volume of data that must be retrieved in the event of a catastrophic failure, backups cannot be transferred across the Internet in a timely manner. Instead, the local technician must request a remote data extraction and have the data center mail the drive to them using an overnight mail service.
Depending on the specific service being used and the location of the data when it’s requested, this can add an additional day or two of downtime to the data retrieval process.
By storing data locally, DiscoverySoft eliminates the need to request the overnight shipment of drives to facilitate recovery.
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Cloud Services

Redundant and virtualized data center to eliminate the need to purchase hardware for applications that will run in the Cloud that is fully managed by TXC Technologies LLC.

Anti-Virus Services

Central management of systems to protect the client’s network against viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, and other attempts by outsiders to compromise the network.

Disaster Recovery Services

Development of advanced arrangements and procedures to enable an organization to either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions within a specified time frame, minimizing loss to the organization.

Back-up Services

Evaluation and ongoing support of all operation files assuring that in the event of any failure or operational threat, the data can be recovered.

Documentation Services

Providing the narrative and graphical description of the network to describe its use to both management and technical personnel.

Help Desk Services

Services that handle a client’s internal queries and operational problems about IT related issues to include hardware and software support, logging of problems, dispatch of service technicians or parts, and training coordination.

Hardware Maintenance Services

Remedial repair and maintenance of hardware to include PC, server, network, and printing devices.

Purchasing Services

Specifying, ordering, receiving, tracking, warranty tracking, and service renewals on the client’s behalf.

Migration Services

The movement of data from one device to another, which helps lessen the risk of data loss, minimizes threats to data integrity, and avoids productivity slowdowns during data transport.

Monitoring Services

This service enables systems to monitor servers, desktops, printers, and other network devices to proactively identify problem areas.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Cabling & cable management
  • Server room environment monitoring
  • Internet connectivity
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion detection
  • Content filter
  • Wireless networking
  • Switching
  • Power management

Email Services

  • Management and monitoring
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Antivirus protection
  • Spyware protection
  • Spam
  • Mail security

Moves, Adds & Changes

The moving, adding, and/or changing of IT hardware or users.

Network Health Reporting

Documentation and reporting of the overall condition of the network in a pre-determined format and time frame.

Onsite Engineering Support

The dispatch of technicians to a client’s site for the purpose of remedying problems that can not be fixed remotely.

Patch Management Services

The management of all software enables changes required to assure the overall updating and upgrading of a system or network.

Project Management Services

The discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Remote Backup Services

A remote, online, or managed backup service to provide users with an online system for backing up and storing computer files.

Spam Filtering Services

The processing and organizing of emails.

Software Licensing Management

Tracking and inventory of software licenses for an organization.

Software Support

Responding to the client’s needs in relation to software products, application operations, application management, application maintenance, and application enhancement.

Vendor Management

Providing responsibility for the communications to all of client’s IT related vendors and the clarification and resolution of all issues.

Workstation Maintenance

Assure the availability and operation condition of a standalone workstation or one connected to a network.

Building Strong Relationships

We understand that your business is built on relationships. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with your company, so you can strengthen your relationship with your clients.

World-Class Customer Support

Support Plans provide clients with customized solutions for servicing and repairing technology when uptime is a priority.

Expert Monitoring Service

DiscoverySoft's Remote Monitoring offers real time monitoring of your servers and keeps you informed about the availability of your Internet resources and their performance.

Graphic Design & Corporate Branding

DiscoverySoft's creative team provides custom graphic design work for online ads, web designs, WordPress, PowerPoint, logos, emails, brochures, posters, business cards and more!